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Ron & the Writer — Chapter #2

  Ron & the Writer Chapter #2 " Does it ever drive you crazy, Just how fast the night changes ” Yes, it really does. How rapidly my holidays passed and within a blink, it was time for me to switch back to daily life! I flew back to Texas from a relaxing period in Canada; but suddenly, things started getting out of the track. The sunrise, colourful flowers, butterflies, changing seasons, shrubs, parks and the sunset of Texas— all these beautiful things which had attracted my mind once upon a time, abruptly refrained from giving me new ideas to write on. Nothing seemed interesting in my life and I started feeling helpless. I scribbled down every random thought on my notebook and tried to design them into poems and stories. But my poems had lost their rhymes and stories remained incomplete. “ May be my life would change if I change the city ”.  And with this sudden influential thought in my mind, I packed my bags and decided to shift to the less famous city called Vanetta. I had

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