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Ron & the Writer — Chapter #3

After getting refreshed within a few minutes, I checked the time in my wrist watch. It was 4.30 p.m. already. The weather outside was pleasant indeed and a cool gentle wind blew periodically. Putting on my father’s old brown coat, I started strolling down the Green lane , looking around keenly and trying to observe every minute things of the unfamiliar surroundings. Suddenly, from somewhere I heard loud joyful shrieks— most probably, of a large group of little children. On turning my head to the right, I noticed a shabby hoarding on the wall, hanging from only one of its corners. The letters on it were not too clear to read, still it declared its popular name, “ The Bluestone Park ”. Soon I remembered that this was the park that Mr. Andrew had talked about, while giving the precise location of his residence. So, with keen interest, I walked forward to gather a bunch of new ideas for my next write-up. As soon as I stepped inside, a little kid dashed against me and hugged my knees to sav

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