Ron & the Writer— Chapter #1

 Ron & the Writer — Chapter #1

The Writer's Life...

'Stars under the Sun written by Markus Wright’ — how does it feel to hold your own book in YOUR own hands?
Well, this might be that unknown reason why I had taken a sudden decision to pack my bags and move to this less famous city called Vanetta. Unbelievably, after stepping on this city, things started to take its own shape and I headed as directed by my destiny.

Writing has been so irresistible since my school life, that I had termed it as an addiction rather than a passion. However, after completing my post-graduation degrees, I had secured a new job in a software company and shifted to Texas.

But nothing met my expectations. The company in which I had joined, paid me well; but the immense workload and undecided working hours had slowly started to depress me. I could hardly get time to write— not even my daily stuffs in my personal diary. I understood that the job did not suit me at all, instead it ruined my mental peace. The senior colleagues who were supposed to co-operate and guide me so that I could feel comfortable in the new office environment, however turned out to be a bunch of green-eyed monsters. They always highlighted my small mistakes in front of my boss and humiliated me in every possible way. I was forced to polish their dirty shoes, clean their cabins, bring food for them from the canteen for million times a day and so on. They often ordered me to complete their works, while they would enjoy in nearby bars and restaurants. I would have to complete my own work plus their additional works, staying up in the office without even having dinner and come back to home at midnight.

However, after tolerating all these for about six months, finally I decided to quit the job and turn my passion into a profession. I started to scribble down all kinds of random musings, moulded them into poems and stories, and finally published my first book called ‘The First Fall’. People who knew me, read my works and encouraged me to write more. But the number of those people were not many— the list only included my relatives, family members residing in Canada, and a handful of my well-wishers.

Some of my old school friends staying in Texas, were too elated to hear that I had shifted recently to the same city. They often came to my house in weekends, and we used to have a kitty party every time we met. Little did I know that those who pretended to be friends, were actually frenemies. When I disclosed about my first book, they started to mock at my poems and stories. Some of them would giggle and say, “Are you dreaming of becoming as popular as J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and Colleen Hoover? Ha-ha! You better stop daydreaming and come back to reality”, while others would criticise me saying, “Your detective stories are funny, rather than being interesting. We’re not so foolish to spend money to buy your worthless books”, and then end with a loud guffaw.

Well, I am not that type of a person who would try harder to prove themselves right— whether by an argument, debate or an advise. I always keep quiet thinking that if I talk rudely, then it would affect my self-esteem. In spite of all those criticism and humiliation, I continued to write more. But my book did not sell. No one showed interest to read my first book. I assumed that writing would not bring me good luck.

One day, while travelling to Canada to visit my parents, I heard a passenger talking over phone, “Yes, in Vanetta. My cousin sister has been residing there for more than two years. It’s an amazing place. I’m going to visit there in this year”.

Vanetta! I had read somewhere that the word ‘Vanetta’, a name normally for girls, means butterfly or golden. If the meaning itself is so beautiful, then how beautiful the place will be! Being a travel enthusiast, I naturally paid my full attention to his each and every word, and noted in my brain’s diary for future reference.

To be continued in the next part...

Stay tuned! 

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