The belief I believe in...

Souls come to earth with a definite purpose, which is completely unknown to us. Once the purpose is fulfilled, our souls fly away from our bodies and enter into a new-born to begin a new life. 

Our souls instigate the actions and our minds direct the paths. 

Well, I personally believe that souls are nothing but a neutral figure containing 50% positive energy and 50% negative energy.  

The positive energy of the soul increases when we do good deeds like helping others, loving and looking after our dear ones, spreading good vibes among people around us and making others happy by several ways. When our sands are run and we ultimately die, our souls deposit all the negative energies inside the dead bodies and fly away with positive energies only. 

The main fact is that, only souls with positive energies have permission to begin a new life with a brand new purpose.

People, who give more importance to negative energies, develop negative qualities like jealousy, anger, greed, and turn into vengeful, intolerable, short-tempered and greedy beasts. It leads to a great increase in negative energy of the soul, thereby decreasing the amount of positive energy in them. When these kinds of people die, their souls carry away all the negative energies with them and wander around in the earth, as they do not get the permission to begin a new life. 

These souls containing negative energies, are then called as 'Ghouls'. 

During our lifetime, we meet various kinds of people— god-like humans, silent storms, devilish beasts and so on. The negative creatures often oppose the positive souls from fulfilling their purpose. If any person becomes the prey of a green-eyed monster and get killed before the fulfillment of his purpose, the soul then searches for an opportunity to fulfill it before starting a new life. 

The souls which can't leave behind their strong desires of taking revenge on their enemies, are also categorised as 'ghouls'. 

The ghouls (or ghosts) absorb negative energies from the dead bodies buried underground, and continue to haunt several places.

Just like energy, souls can neither be created nor can be destroyed. It just gets transferred from one body to another



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